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Product Image The Best Fireplace Video on Blu-Ray

The Best Fireplace Video on Blu-Ray


As seen on YouTube!

Turn your TV into a wood- burning fireplace! Designed for all sizes and shapes of TV's. One of the best DVD videos of a cozy fireplace complete with crackling sounds. So real you will check the floor for sparks and keep a fire extinguisher next to your TV!!!. Let someone else cut the wood and tend your fire. Uses genuine Douglas-fir wood that has snap, crackle, and pop! This dvd is ideal for home, apartment or office. Use it for relation or creating an ambience for reading, studying, entertaining or romance!  Only $9.99 with Free Shipping worldwide! Makes a great gift! The picture is a screen shot. Watch and listen to the 3 hour video on YouTube of what you will be getting here:



Comments from viewers:

"I play this with calm radio Christmas channel. perfect for my massage clients during the holidays. thank you thank you thank you"

"Oh, listening to Christmas music, having this up on my tv and knitting. Could it possibly get any better?"

"This fire is making me feel all toasty warm...well, this along with a nice cup of hot cocoa :) Thanks for sharing this!"

"Thanks for such a great video. The 3 hours lasted for the entire party."

"Great for holiday atmosphere in apartment with no fireplace!"

"HILARIOUS ... just changed my TV into the FIREPLACE ... GOSH!!!"

"Creates the perfect atmosphere for feeding my newborn. Thank you so much! :)"

"I love this video. I love sitting quietly having a cup of coffee and listening to the wood crackle"

 Here is what you will get: 1 DVD that plays for 3 hours continously without loops! Then it automatically will repeat itself until you stop it!

 It is usually shipped the same day the paid order is recieved (excluding Sundays)!

Free shipping to anywhere in the US! Worldwide free shipping! 30 day money back guarantee.

Made in the U.S.A

Copyright 2013